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By default, aliae expects a YAML file called .aliae.yaml in the user HOME folder. You can however also specify a custom location using the --config flag on initialization, or by setting the ALIAE_CONFIG environment variable prior to initialization.

eval "$(aliae init zsh --config '/Users/aliae/configs/aliae.yaml')"

# alternatively

export ALIAE_CONFIG='/Users/aliae/configs/aliae.yaml'
eval "$(aliae init zsh)"

The custom location can be a local file, or a URL pointing to a remote config.


- name: a
value: aliae
- name: hello-world
value: echo "hello world"
type: function
- name: POSH_THEME
value: '{{ if match .OS "darwin"}}{{ .Home }}{{ else }}Y:{{ end }}/.posh.omp.jsonc'
- name: EDITOR
value: code-insiders --wait
- value: |
{{ .Home }}/homebrew/bin
if: match .OS "darwin"
- value: |
{{ .Home }}/go/bin/
- value: |
oh-my-posh init nu
source ~/
if: match .Shell "nu"
- value: |
load(io.popen('oh-my-posh init cmd'):read("*a"))()
if: match .Shell "cmd"
- value: |
oh-my-posh init pwsh | Invoke-Expression
if: match .Shell "pwsh"
- value: |
xontrib load autovox
xontrib load vox
xontrib load voxapi
xontrib load bashisms
execx($(oh-my-posh init xonsh))
if: match .Shell "xonsh"
- value: |
eval `oh-my-posh init tcsh`
if: match .Shell "tcsh"
- value: |
eval "$(oh-my-posh init {{ .Shell }})"
if: match .Shell "bash" "zsh"

You can find out more about the configuration options below.